5 E-commerce Trends of 2015 You Need to Know

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  • December 18, 2014
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Situating your business in the growing competitive world of online marketing is a tricky act to pull off. Year by year there are more businesses operating online engaging in advanced advertising techniques, and so keeping up with competitors can be a real challenge. Worse still, each year there are innovative trends shaping the way customers and businesses interact – without staying ahead of the game and informed on these latest developments a business, regardless of industry, can quickly and easily become irrelevant.

While the best solution for any business is to contact a leading digital marketing agency, it is always helpful to have an awareness of the market changes taking place so as to more effectively work with advertising experts to reach maximum effectiveness. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 E-commerce trends of 2015 that you need to know.

#1 Mobile Developments

2015 will see another huge leap in the number of customers engaging with businesses via mobile devices. Whether it is a tablet or a smartphone, consumers will expect to be able to interact with a product or service “on the go”, always connected, and always able to make purchasing decisions wherever they are. 

#2 Personalisation

Having an infrastructure in place which allows a customer to buy the products they want will no longer be enough. Any business with an online component will have to ensure that their service is bespoke and will deliver exclusive, customised content to an individual based on their tastes, demographic, and previous purchases. Brands will want to remove themselves from the background noise of so many competitors and really stand out with marketing and digital interactions which are unique, memorable, and, most importantly, useful to the customer.

#3 Copywriting Standards

There is no doubt that video, animation, and graphic design will increase their impact throughout 2015, but copywriting will remain a key way to engage with customers. Marketing campaigns designed to accentuate unique selling points and grab a potential customer’s interest will be central to outperforming competitors. This will be achieved with smart, innovative copwriting techniques which will encourage first time buyers to engage with a product or service, while ensuring that previous customers return in the future. 

#4 New Devices

Over the past decade mobile devices have revolutionised the customer/business relationship. In 2015, a new technology is on the horizon ready to do the same all over again. That innovation is wearable technology and, while it has been around since 2013, it is 2015 when it will come out of its infancy and make a lasting impression on the marketing world. Smartwatches are just the beginning, and by incorporating a revolutionary marketing team with knowledge of what’s coming, a company will be able to get in on the ground floor and establish themselves in this niche before the rest.

#5 Omni-Channel Marketing

Finally, omni-channel retail and marketing will be key. As we mentioned in a previous blog article, marketing and engaging with customers in a seamless way which translates to all devices, mediums, and venues is becoming increasingly common. In 2015, customers will expect to be able to receive the same service from a company whether they are in their physical store or using their application on a tablet. The service should be seamless, as should the advertising message being delivered to customers across all platforms.

Driving Innovation

For an organisation to succeed, and to remain healthy, it must adapt to the changing trends in the business world. In order to do this and truly benefit from the above, contacting a reputable digital marketing agency is not only advisable, it is essential.

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