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5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales this Easter

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While many companies focus on Christmas as their main sales spike throughout the year, Easter can also provide a substantial boost. The Easter weekend itself attracts a rise in shopping activity, with the surrounding public holidays which are present in many countries behind further increases. 

But how best to take advantage of this sales spike? What digital marketing ideas can be implemented over this time to push brand visibility and raise sales conversions?

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 5 digital marketing techniques which can be used over the Easter period when you hire a professional marketing team.

#1 Have Fun

Easter is a time of positivity as the sun begins to shine, the flowers raise their heads above the ground, and consumers feel ready to part with their hard earned money after recovering from Christmas. Campaigns which are designed to tie into this mindset are the most effective. They should be fun and make potential customers smile, feel alive, and look to the future. 

#2 Easter Branding

Branding is important and should take advantage of an Easter setting. Bright colours associated with this time of year, including yellows and oranges, are a great way to capture a customer’s attention; while using familiar images associated with Easter – eggs, bunny rabbits, baby chicks, lambs, flowers etc. – can all be used to evoke feelings about Spring.

#3 Contests

Easter is a time for treats. Easter eggs, a bunch of flowers, chocolates – all of these are often given to loved ones at this time of year. Running some contests giving away Easter themed treats, via social media, is a great way to raise engagement from your existing and potential customers. Of course, this has to be executed in a strategic and skilled way, which is why it is best implemented by a marketing team with a proven track record.

#4 Summer Targeting

This time of year isn’t just about Spring, it is also about the promise of summer. While consumers are off for a few days, many will be thinking of the upcoming season: BBQs, holidays in the sun, gardening, decorating, upgrading etc. The digital marketing experts you hire should keep this in mind, generating leads while taking advantage of purchasing decisions most commonly associated with the summer months. Business is about capitalising on the present and building for the future – your campaigns need to do both.

#5 Limited Easter Discounts

Probably one of the most important ways to engage with customers is through offering time dependent discounts. Easter is often associated with renewal, and it is for this reason that customers are more likely to spend their money in order to “make a change”. Not all potential customers will be as ready to buy your products or services, and so discounts are a great way to positively influence those who are undecided about making a purchasing decision. Your marketing team should take advantage of this and brand such discounts as limited Easter offers, reinforcing the  connection to this time of year. 

Making the Most of Easter for Your Business

Easter is an important time for any business due to increased consumer activity, and it is therefore essential that your product, brand, or service is marketed effectively to maximise results. To do this, it is critical to hire a marketing team you can trust to truly improve your sales and take full advantage of the Easter period.

startup digital marketing

Boost Your Startup with Digital Marketing

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Funding. Preparation. Launch. Making your startup a success sounds easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, even with a killer product or service, manoeuvring your startup to a position where it is ready to make a real impact on your chosen niche is anything but easy. It is a challenge, and one which requires the right tools to get the job done. 

Your startup has to:

Establish itself in the minds of potential customers

Attract investment

Create a sustainable revenue stream

Achieve consistent growth

And it must do all of this within a short time-frame. Startups need to hit the ground running to build a customer-base and maximise investment before resources run out. Key to all of this is to showcase the business and get it in front of as many eyes as possible. 

One of the most cost-efficient ways of doing so is to implement an effective digital marketing campaign.

A Digital Marketing Campaign is Essential for Your Startup

With the right digital marketing campaign in place, your startup will increase its chances of reaching out to customers and investors alike. It will connect with the demographics most critical to your business, pulling them towards your brand, product, or service. It is the first step towards reaching out to customers and creating a lasting impression which will result in loyalty – a loyalty which will promote future purchases of your products and positive word of mouth.

Perhaps your startup has not been able to attract the right amount of investment to get your project off the ground; even startups which have the financial resources to meet initial goals often require supplemental investment before reaching a self-sustainable level. A great way to make an impact with investors is to have a fully implemented digital marketing campaign which engages with potential customers and shows that there is a desire for your product or service; an important part of securing investment. Furthermore, the right campaign can actually source investors and attract new financial resources which may prove critical in helping your business reach its goals.

Turning Your Startup Around with Digital Marketing

If your startup has already been running for some time and is not seeing the numbers it needs in terms of customers or investors, a redesigned digital marketing campaign could turn this around quickly. With the right marketing strategies in place, your business will both maximise the efficacy of existing networks with investors and customers, and identify new marketplaces and avenues to pursue to attract the resources your startup needs.

The right digital marketing campaign can transform a startup from struggling organisation to thriving business venture in a short space of time.

How to Implement the Right Digital Marketing Campaign for Your Startup

Building your business is not something which should be done on a whim, nor should it be left to chance – there’s too much at risk. Your startup has to hit the ground running, otherwise it will end up like many other ventures: on the financial scrapheap. For this reason it is imperative that you consider hiring a dedicated and reputable digital marketing team, one with a proven track record. Such a team will possess all of the talent, skill, and expertise to transform your startup and build new powerful connections with investors and customers, sustaining your business well into the future. 

Facebook Text  Rule

Dealing with Facebook’s 20% Text Rule

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Creating effective marketing content is difficult in a digital environment where every company, local or international, is competing for advertising space. You want your advertising materials to speak to your potential customers, to let them know exactly what it is you offer and why they should purchase your product or service. But how can you effectively achieve this when advertising platforms such as Facebook put constraints on the types of promotional materials you can publish?

The 20% Rule

When using Facebook you are hindered by a text limit. No image you upload can contain more than 20% of text and then qualify to be used as a paid advert. Of course the image can still be uploaded and posted to your Facebook business or community page, but you cannot use Facebook’s paid ad service which instantly boosts the number of people who will see your promotional content. Furthermore, it isn’t about the number of alphanumeric characters used in an image, but instead the surface area covered by the text. It could just be one word, but if the text is large enough to swallow up more than 20% of your image, then Facebook will not all you to use their advertising service. Such a scenario can put you and your business at a substantial disadvantage.

How to Handle the 20% Facebook Rule

This restriction seems harsh, especially for businesses which want to use text-heavy branding. In order to limit the harm done by this rule, there are three approaches which can be taken:

Abandon Text-Heavy Posts: This is the most drastic approach, but a business could cease using promotional materials on Facebook which contain a lot of text. Doing so will open up advertising opportunities once more, but a business may struggle to convey exactly what they want to their target demographics when curtailed in this way.

Persevere: A company could continue using text-heavy promotional images on Facebook. There would still be a chance that such an image could go viral, but it would limit the material because it could not be propelled forward in terms of visibility via the Facebook Ads or Boost Post function. This is a difficult choice to make, and more often than not businesses make the wrong one.

Call in the Professionals: There is a reason that digital marketing is such a competitive area; it is very difficult to master, and only a small number of highly trained individuals genuinely understand how to take a business to the next level through advertising experience. When a business relies on its online promotional materials – and most do – it is critical that the correct digital marketing techniques are applied to any given situation. For this reason, when the stakes are high, it is important to hire a dedicated talented digital marketing team which knows how to use difficulties such as the 20% rule to the advantage of its clients. 

Use the 20% Facebook Text Rule to Your Advantage

By hiring a skilled digital marketer, you can be sure that the correct decisions will be made, and the most effective solutions applied. This will energise your marketing campaign, and maximise the chances that your promotional material will reach its audience and resonate with them in a meaningful way.

Agile marketing

Get Better Results With Agile Marketing

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Marketing techniques continually change. Each year new ideas come to the fore exploring how to better connect businesses with their potential customers. Some of these ideas fade fast, others endure simply because they provide the results businesses want to see: increased sales, broader brand reach, and continued growth. Therefore, to remain relevant and competitive businesses have to hire trained professionals who know how to implement recent advertising changes, adapting with the market and keeping products, brands, and services visible for as long as possible. 

In order to stay ahead of the game, advertisers need to employ novel ways to maximise their time, ensuring that their approach is the most efficient one possible. One way to do this is to incorporate a marketing technique called Agile.

What is Agile Marketing?

In short, agile marketing allows a business or marketer to make the most of their resources, while creating a level of focus which ensures that any advertising project remains on course to meet its objectives. At all times this marketing technique uses agility and athleticism as a metaphor for advertising strength, speed, and power. It’s a worthwhile approach, and one which can produce startling results.

There are four stages to the Agile Marketing process:

Sprint Planning: In this preliminary stage, the objectives for a marketing campaign are agreed upon. Which goals are the most important? What are the desired outcomes of the project? An experienced digital marketer will bring business owners, managers, sales teams, and other marketing experts together in order to solidify the direction of the advertising campaign. This entire process should take no more than a few hours.

Sprint & Scrums: In Agile Marketing terminology, the “Sprint” refers to the tasks given to various members of staff and the “Scrum” is simply a management technique to ensure that all marketing goals are met on time and within budget. This involves regular, sometimes even daily, meetings where everyone involved who has been given a task shows what they achieved the day before, what they hope to achieve over the forthcoming day, and to outline any difficulties they believe could hinder this progress. These meetings should be short and to the point, lasting no longer than 15-30 minutes.

Sprint Review: Once every “Sprint” or goal has been completed, there is a quick review of each achievement, outlining which ones were met and which were not. This ensures that no loose ends remain.

Sprint Retrospective: Finally, there is a retrospective which focuses entirely on two points – which elements were completed without any issues, and which could be improved upon. This allows for more efficiency in future Sprints.

Digital Marketers and Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is just one technique which a digital marketer could use to improve advertising results. Using such processes allow the best marketers to ensure that a project continually improves, meeting and then exceeding a business owner’s expectations to markedly improve sales.


Google: Measuring How Effective Video Ads Are

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Google has revealed that it aims to increase the effectiveness of its video ads. By looking at the number of people who actually watch an advert, this will affect the way digital marketers and businesses advertise through video from now on. In the past video statistics were imprecise, but now with Google’s new service it is clear that this is all about to change forever.

Viewability Reporting

Announced by Google’s Vice President Neal Mohan at CES, Google is switching over to a “Viewability” model. This simply means that Google will begin tracking how many people watch a video advert. That information can then be added to all of the other analytics data which marketers and businesses are used to dealing with, and allow them to more keenly see which video adverts are catching the attention of desired audiences and which are not.

Advertising Effectiveness

These changes are to be rolled out to businesses and webmasters from March 2015 onwards, and could revolutionise the effectiveness of video advertising. Up until now, marketers and businesses could only gauge the effectiveness of an advert by how many clicks it garnered from visitors. This piece of data of course is helpful, as it shows how many potential customers are directly influenced enough to make a purchasing decision by a video advert, but it leaves out some critical data. For example, what if a customer watches an advert from beginning to end and then decides to visit the promoted product or service at a later date? Maybe they don’t have the time at that moment to buy a product or investigate properly, or perhaps the adverts stays in their mind enough for the customer to enquire about it at a later date? Further still, what if an advert lays some groundwork and then some other promotional material or word-of-mouth merely seals the deal later? Or what if customers are watching adverts and still not making a purchasing decision? 

The point is: knowing how many people actually see a video advert gives experienced marketers a much clearer indication of which videos work, and which do not.  

Impact on Digital Marketing

Viewability could impact digital marketing profoundly. With businesses knowing how often an advert is seen, they could then choose which sites to advertise on, clearly benefiting those which display adverts in a more accessible way. This will also mean that marketers will be able to control their budgets more effectively, ensuring that their clients are only charged by the likes of Google for adverts which gain the right amount of exposure. 

Currently there is a lot of debate about how much of an advert should be viewed before an advertiser must pay for a video. Many in the industry favour two seconds of watch time with 50% of the video screen being apparent. For some, however, this is not enough, and with these increased viewability statistics, it is likely that websites will slowly change the way they display ads so that they are watched for longer in order to maintain advertising revenue. 

Talented marketers will be able to make use of this information, ensuring that businesses reach the demographics they require to be a success.

email marketing

Find Your Customers Through Targeted Email Marketing

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Email has been around for decades. It is a mode of communication which everyone takes for granted. As a business owner, you should place great importance on that one amazing word – everyone. While some potential customers have Facebook accounts, Twitter profiles, and Youtube channels, they will all have an email account. This one fact, the sheer number of people contactable via email, is something which can be used to exponentially increase sales when explored by a talented digital marketing team.

Why You Need to Use Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons that email advertising should be used alongside other digital marketing approaches. These include:

Coverage: As already stated, email is everywhere. Anyone with an internet connection will have an email account provided by their ISP, or alternatively through services such as Yahoo or Outlook. 

Speed: Email allows for instant contact. As soon as a marketing email is sent to a potential customer, it appears in their inbox ensuring that your advertising message is received promptly. This is especially important when used to promote time dependent materials such as limited discounts.

Reinforcement: By encouraging customers to sign up for a mailing list, you increase your reach when releasing subsequent products. This allows you to contact customers who already have a track record for buying a product or service from you, reinforcing the customer/business relationship.

Targeted Marketing: The Most Important Reason To Use Email Marketing

While coverage, speed, and reinforcement are all advantageous, it is targeted marketing which really makes email advertising shine. Targeted marketing simply means that an email campaign is created and sent to a specific demographic. For example, imagine a clothes brand designed to be popular with the 16 – 24 years age group. Rather than sending emails out to everyone on a list, it is far more efficient to send such content to that demographic. This gets the information needed into the hands of those most likely to respond to it, saving time and increasing the chance of success.

Targeted email marketing doesn’t just refer simply to age. It could be any demographic of your choosing. This could include customers who have shown interest in a specific previous item or area. An email carrying information about a similar product or service could be sent directly to them. This can apply to gender, location, hobbies, purchase history, or any other demographic of which you can think.

All of the above makes email marketing a powerful tool for any business, and this type of bespoke, targeted approach is really what separates successful businesses from those which struggle. A broad marketing plan is important, but with the help of a marketing agency that knows how to implement such campaigns specifically, customised approaches to advertising really can significantly boost a brand or product’s sales incredibly.  

twitter marketing buy now button

Twitter’s Buy Now Option: A Game Changer

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The Importance of Innovation in eCommerce

Twitter is now rolling out a trial of their “Buy Now” service for eCommerce businesses. Initially, this will only be available to a small number of producers and companies in the US, but it is expected to be swiftly applied on a global scale as soon as the testing phase is complete. Twitter has always been an exciting platform through which information and promotional material can be presented to potential customers, but with this added Buy Now functionality, the social media service is truly merging eCommerce with its existing suite of tools and bringing customers to businesses in the process.

Buy Now Opens Doors to Businesses

Consumers are increasingly becoming reliant upon eCommerce. The reason for this is simplicity and ease. Being able to browse quickly, find a desired product or service, and then have the item delivered quickly and cheaply, is at the heart of internet shopping. It is with this ethos of speed and simplicity which Twitter’s Buy Now service will revolutionise the business to customer relationship via their website and apps. 

The Buy Now service works fairly simply: businesses can attach a “Buy Now” link to a tweet which will ask a customer for payment details and even provide some customisation such as clothes size for example. This will bring a customer straight to a product and will reinvigorate Twitter as a brilliant marketing platform. 

With this service, businesses will be able to significantly increase the impact of their Twitter campaigns, transforming them markedly. In the past each Tweet could only contain a link to another website where purchases could be made, now customers will be able to buy their desired products without leaving Twitter’s ecosystem, making it easier for them. What’s more, through Twitter’s already established mobile applications, such purchases can be made in any situation and from any smartphone or tablet. 

How is Twitter’s Buy Now Service Likely to be Used?

The Buy Now feature will not put an end to other social media sites using eCommerce – far from it, many services are continually looking for new ways to bring the shopping experience to the customer in a more efficient way. What Buy Now will most likely do is offer specific types of marketing the chance to thrive. For example, businesses which offer exclusive deals to their Twitter followers will increase the number of followers they have over time. Customers will want these deals, and once they have clicked the follow button then they will be exposed to any other marketing content a business mentions in any subsequent Twitter campaign.

Twitter’s Buy Now function will work brilliantly with flash deals and limited offers, increasing sales while funnelling potential and existing customers to a desired Twitter account, which in turn will significantly improve brand reach. In order to maximise this approach and future proof a business for when further marketing innovations are implemented, it is essential that they contact a skilled digital marketing team, allowing them to use their expertise to maximise sales and help build brands, products, and entire businesses which can truly flourish.

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Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing

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As another year arrives, so too do the numerous business opportunities of 2015. We’ve already discussed the trends to look out for over the next twelve months, and in doing so we see one overarching trend to rule them all: digital marketing is at the core of almost every marketing innovation on the planet.  Whether you’re a small local business looking to engage with potential customers nearby, or a worldwide organisation hoping to develop a brand on a global scale, it is only through an expertly conceived digital marketing campaign that these goals can be achieved.

It’s an easy thing to claim, but it’s even easier to show why digital marketing is so essential. Taking the two examples of a local business and an international brand above, we can quickly see why each scenario requires a digital marketing approach in order to thrive:

The Importance of Digital Marketing to Local Businesses

For many it’s clear why larger international companies might need digital marketing, but why should a local business employ such a technique? Surely they don’t need digital engagement to encourage those nearby to use their products or services? This is the number one error being made by smaller, geographically limited businesses. If you have a small company, you need a digital marketing campaign even more-so. Social media, for example, has a huge part to play in creating positive word of mouth about a business. People in the local area, who actually know each other, will suggest services or stores they have used. In the past it was indeed just simply word of mouth, but now with a shared status on Facebook, a pinned photo on Pinterest, or a retweet on Twitter, geographically based customers can instantly recommend your business to their friends, families, and associates.

Digital marketing for local businesses goes way beyond social media and incorporates app creation and engagement, online adverts, email lists, and numerous other techniques which when employed by a top digital marketing team, can make a local business a true success. 

If Your Business is Global, You Need Digital Marketing

Global businesses need digital marketing now more than ever. There is an increasing amount of marketing white noise, where all the companies, brands, products, and services offered around the world are vying continually for the attention of the consumer – attention which it is getting more difficult by the day to capture. Consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of information they are presented with, and so reaching them, grabbing their interest, and funnelling that interest towards making a purchase is a highly competitive undertaking.

Thankfully, by hiring an expert digital marketer, businesses who either have a global brand or hope to in the future, can reach customers more readily. With a digital marketing team who know exactly how to develop a business’s visibility through carefully constructed adverts, expertly written copy, captivating applications, and innovative social media campaigns, any business owner can be confident that they are giving their brand, product, or service the best possible chance of succeeding and maximising sales.

Digital Marketing Isn’t Just the Future

Whether local or global, small or large, a business thrives only by staying relevant and moving with the times. Digital marketing is the future, but it’s more than that – it’s the present. It’s here now, and being used by your competitors to move customers towards their businesses. In order to stay in the game, you have to play it, and your business can only do that well with a digital marketing campaign at its heart.

Mobile apps marketing trends technology

Which Marketing Apps and Technologies Will Take 2015 by Storm?

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Digital marketing is always a fluid and ever-changing force in the world of advertising. In 2015, therefore, there will be a number of key innovations which will continue to alter the way businesses use digital marketing to increase their sales and expand their brands. 

These will include:

Health Apps: Apple, Google, and Samsung are all vying to create products in the health sector. This involves, not just hardware, but software which can use these new technologies as a selling platforms. Many of these apps will not even require brand new hardware, as current generation smartphones already contain some of the required technologies to allow users to keep track of their health and fitness goals. Whether it is a heart-rate monitor, blood pressure sensor, or calorie counter, digital marketers will be increasingly involved in this booming sector throughout 2015.

Wearable Tech: In tandem with the above, new forms of wearable technology will change the way marketers engage with customers forever. Smartwatches and even clothes with digital displays are on their way, and when they arrive it will transform the way personalised advertising is offered. This is a real game-changer and will allow companies to develop new applications and new advertisements specifically for wearable devices. This technology has been in its infancy for a while, but in 2015 there is no doubt that it is ready to truly make the impact it deserves.

Ibeacon: Through using the Bluetooth signals of customer mobile phones, retailers will engage with those in the local vicinity by providing information about nearby products they might be interested in. Unique deals and helpful guides about what to buy are all possibilities for marketers using this new medium. Furthermore, this will open up the possibility of retailer specific apps which respond when in stores. Once installed, retailers will be able to send enticing advertising content to customers even when they are off-site. This could exponentially increase the number of possible customers affected by advertising strategies. 

Entertainment Apps: The number of people using subscriber based streaming apps is increasing. On top of this, there are new applications being developed which allow customers to watch video content without a subscription, with revenues raised through adverts. These adverts are going to be a great way to engage with customers in 2015. Not only will they potentially reach millions of people, but they will be clickable from within mobile devices and desktop PCs, allowing customers to go directly to a product, read more about it, and then even buy it instantly. It is this type of immediate interaction which businesses should be taking advantage of in 2015 and beyond.

These apps and technologies are going to impress themselves on businesses throughout the year and beyond. In order to fully incorporate such innovations into your marketing campaign effectively, it’s imperative that you contact a digital marketing expert who can, not only increase your sales through knowledge of these developments, but also future proof your business for other innovations yet to appear.

The importance of christmas social media campaigns

The Importance of Christmas Social Media Campaigns

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For many businesses, Christmas is the most important time of the year. It is that part of the annual calendar which significantly increases the amounts customers spend, and it is also the time when many retailers, for example, make their biggest profits. Unfortunately, it is also the time of the year when there is more advertising materials on offer than ever before, and so companies can easily get lost in the noise, failing to find their voice and get their brand message out to potential customers.

For this reason, marketers are increasingly relying on social media campaigns at Christmas. The importance of a festive online marketing plan cannot be underestimated, and it is one which can be applied, not just to Christmas, but to the post-Christmas sales as well, creating lasting customer loyalty.

Three reasons to use a Christmas social media campaign, include:

Reach: There are two ways to effectively reach an audience – throw money at the problem to buy premium advertising space, or to start from the ground up and engage with potential customers through a grassroots campaign. The latter is highly effective, and also much more cost effective. Social media platforms allow businesses to deliver advertising straight to a chosen demographic without paying exorbitant fees. Nearly 30% of customers claim that social media is one of their main ways to learn about a product, and over 50% use such platforms to engage with brands they like. These vast numbers cannot be ignored.

Meaningful Interactions: By doing more than just delivering an advert, social media allows a company to interact with customers, creating a high level of worth in customer-business relationships. By making social media posts which actively encourage customer participation, this cements a brand or product in the memory and attention of potentially thousands of individuals. Of course to do this most effectively, hiring a social media and digital marketing expert is key. This ensures that each social media campaign has a strong brand message and is as efficient as possible at creating new customers.

Loyalty: Since Christmas is the time when customers do more shopping than at any other point during the year, it follows that new customer brand loyalties are forged more so in the build up to December than any other month. Christmas is therefore a great opportunity to give a customer their first experience of your brand, product, and customer service. By making a great, lasting impression, a business can expect to see these new customers come back for further purchases throughout the year. Social media by itself is a phenomenal follow-up platform, which allows for innovative interactions which will solidify this loyalty, encouraging customers to come back for more.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, for a number of reasons. Make it your business’s most profitable and lucrative season by using a brilliant social media marketing strategy to elevate every aspect of your sales and brand reach. 

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