Social Proof: Why Your Business Needs It

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  • December 15, 2014

Nothing is more important to a business than word of mouth. It is the oldest form of advertising and to this day is still an integral part of any marketing campaign. In recent years marketers have placed increasing focus on “social proof” which is essentially an elaboration based on word of mouth, and one which could transform your business regardless of industry. 

By understanding what social proof is and its importance, a business has the ability to stay relevant and effective for many years to come.

What is Social Proof

Social proof can be defined as what people say about a business and the affect this has on potential customers. In its simplest form social proof refers to a “good” and “bad” dichotomy. If a potential customer hears bad things from someone who has previous experience of a product or service, then they are likely to avoid doing business with the producer. Conversely, if a potential customer hears good things from previous customers, then they are more likely to make a purchasing decision. 

Social proof therefore can be damaging when negative, and helpful when positive. Either way, it is an incredibly powerful aspect of  consumer behaviour.

3 Reasons to Use Social Proof

We’ve established that social proof is a powerful marketing tool, but why is it so important? There are many reasons to incorporate it into your business plan, but let’s take a look at 3 of the most salient points. These include:

Free Advertising: If you know how to foster social proof, then you will gain a critical piece of free advertising. Your customers will spread the word about your product or service in a number of ways which will significantly increase the reach of your marketing campaign.

Sustainable Business: Positive social proof is an essential part of a sustainable business. It incorporates two key facets of marketing which are incredibly effective in tandem with each other. First, customers promoting positive social proof are far more likely to return to your business for future purchases due to having had a good experience. Secondly, their promotion of your business will bring in new customers.

Healthy Growth: Speaking of new customers, this is the third most immediate reason to use  social proof as much as possible. Previous customers will share social media statuses, create reviews, and talk to those around them about your business. Whether it’s with friends, families, or unfamiliar potential customers, the social proof created will continue to grow your business indefinitely. 

How to Incorporate Social Proof into Your Marketing Strategy

Now you know how important social proof is and how it could transform your business, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. This is a complex procedure and involves experience and knowledge to achieve maximum results. For this reason it is best to contact a leading digital marketing agency, and allow them to help take your business to the next level.

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