Twitter Announces Mobile Re-Targeting With Tailored Audiences

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  • December 11, 2014
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A New Avenue For Marketers and Business Owners

In a recent blog post, Twitter has announced that it is ready to bring its “Tailored Audiences” marketing tools to mobile platforms. This move opens the door for businesses which have created their own mobile apps, to deliver key marketing information to their install-base. With this innovation, Twitter hopes to build on its proven tailored audiences approach, and serve its users with more relevant adverts pertaining directly to the apps and content which they use. 

It’s win-win for marketers and consumers alike, as this new form of advertising technology brings businesses and potential customers together through targeted promotional material.

How Tailored Audiences Works

Twitter’s tailored audiences for mobile apps allows advertisers, marketers, and businesses to target specific demographics with ad content. This increases the visibility of their products/services amongst the potential customer-base they deem most important.

Just like their standard tailored audiences service, the mobile apps version displays adverts to Twitter users based on the content they have previously perused, usually via an installed app on a mobile device. Each time someone visits Twitter, this then allows similar content to be showcased directly to the users most likely to be interested in a specific product.

Essentially, Twitter’s tailored audiences for mobile apps does three critical things:

It helps marketers find new customers.

It allows marketers to engage with existing customers in a variety of bespoke ways.

It helps drive users towards making a purchase decision.

It’s easy to see then why so many are excited by the benefits this form of targeted advertising offers. Rather than paying for adverts which may or may not be viewed by important demographics, advertisers can exponentially increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by choosing who does and does not see their promotional material.

The Advantages of Twitter’s Tailored Audiences

Since 2013, Twitter has been experimenting with tailored audiences to great success.  In previous in-house studies, Twitter has shown that companies can significantly increase their conversion rates by as much as 195%. For marketers, this is an essential avenue, and one which holds great potential for those who incorporate it into their business strategy. 

The advantages of Twitter’s tailored audiences for mobile apps, include:

Being able to re-target potential customers who showed interest in a product, but did not make a purchasing decision.

Specifically targeting customers who have installed an app, but not used it yet.

Avoiding showing adverts to those who have installed an app, targeting those who have not.

Encouraging app users to become Twitter followers, increasing social media reach.

Displaying adverts to key demographics interested in a specific type of product or service.

Twitter’s Tailored Audiences Innovations Are Brilliant

Twitter has over 200 million regular users, and this number continues to grow each day. For advertisers to now be able to directly reach large portions of this user-base, specifically those interested in their area of business, it is a hugely important development, and one which every marketer should incorporate into their online advertising strategies.

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