5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales this Easter

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  • April 2, 2015
easter digital marketing

While many companies focus on Christmas as their main sales spike throughout the year, Easter can also provide a substantial boost. The Easter weekend itself attracts a rise in shopping activity, with the surrounding public holidays which are present in many countries behind further increases. 

But how best to take advantage of this sales spike? What digital marketing ideas can be implemented over this time to push brand visibility and raise sales conversions?

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 5 digital marketing techniques which can be used over the Easter period when you hire a professional marketing team.

#1 Have Fun

Easter is a time of positivity as the sun begins to shine, the flowers raise their heads above the ground, and consumers feel ready to part with their hard earned money after recovering from Christmas. Campaigns which are designed to tie into this mindset are the most effective. They should be fun and make potential customers smile, feel alive, and look to the future. 

#2 Easter Branding

Branding is important and should take advantage of an Easter setting. Bright colours associated with this time of year, including yellows and oranges, are a great way to capture a customer’s attention; while using familiar images associated with Easter – eggs, bunny rabbits, baby chicks, lambs, flowers etc. – can all be used to evoke feelings about Spring.

#3 Contests

Easter is a time for treats. Easter eggs, a bunch of flowers, chocolates – all of these are often given to loved ones at this time of year. Running some contests giving away Easter themed treats, via social media, is a great way to raise engagement from your existing and potential customers. Of course, this has to be executed in a strategic and skilled way, which is why it is best implemented by a marketing team with a proven track record.

#4 Summer Targeting

This time of year isn’t just about Spring, it is also about the promise of summer. While consumers are off for a few days, many will be thinking of the upcoming season: BBQs, holidays in the sun, gardening, decorating, upgrading etc. The digital marketing experts you hire should keep this in mind, generating leads while taking advantage of purchasing decisions most commonly associated with the summer months. Business is about capitalising on the present and building for the future – your campaigns need to do both.

#5 Limited Easter Discounts

Probably one of the most important ways to engage with customers is through offering time dependent discounts. Easter is often associated with renewal, and it is for this reason that customers are more likely to spend their money in order to “make a change”. Not all potential customers will be as ready to buy your products or services, and so discounts are a great way to positively influence those who are undecided about making a purchasing decision. Your marketing team should take advantage of this and brand such discounts as limited Easter offers, reinforcing the  connection to this time of year. 

Making the Most of Easter for Your Business

Easter is an important time for any business due to increased consumer activity, and it is therefore essential that your product, brand, or service is marketed effectively to maximise results. To do this, it is critical to hire a marketing team you can trust to truly improve your sales and take full advantage of the Easter period.

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