Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing

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  • January 5, 2015
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As another year arrives, so too do the numerous business opportunities of 2015. We’ve already discussed the trends to look out for over the next twelve months, and in doing so we see one overarching trend to rule them all: digital marketing is at the core of almost every marketing innovation on the planet.  Whether you’re a small local business looking to engage with potential customers nearby, or a worldwide organisation hoping to develop a brand on a global scale, it is only through an expertly conceived digital marketing campaign that these goals can be achieved.

It’s an easy thing to claim, but it’s even easier to show why digital marketing is so essential. Taking the two examples of a local business and an international brand above, we can quickly see why each scenario requires a digital marketing approach in order to thrive:

The Importance of Digital Marketing to Local Businesses

For many it’s clear why larger international companies might need digital marketing, but why should a local business employ such a technique? Surely they don’t need digital engagement to encourage those nearby to use their products or services? This is the number one error being made by smaller, geographically limited businesses. If you have a small company, you need a digital marketing campaign even more-so. Social media, for example, has a huge part to play in creating positive word of mouth about a business. People in the local area, who actually know each other, will suggest services or stores they have used. In the past it was indeed just simply word of mouth, but now with a shared status on Facebook, a pinned photo on Pinterest, or a retweet on Twitter, geographically based customers can instantly recommend your business to their friends, families, and associates.

Digital marketing for local businesses goes way beyond social media and incorporates app creation and engagement, online adverts, email lists, and numerous other techniques which when employed by a top digital marketing team, can make a local business a true success. 

If Your Business is Global, You Need Digital Marketing

Global businesses need digital marketing now more than ever. There is an increasing amount of marketing white noise, where all the companies, brands, products, and services offered around the world are vying continually for the attention of the consumer – attention which it is getting more difficult by the day to capture. Consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of information they are presented with, and so reaching them, grabbing their interest, and funnelling that interest towards making a purchase is a highly competitive undertaking.

Thankfully, by hiring an expert digital marketer, businesses who either have a global brand or hope to in the future, can reach customers more readily. With a digital marketing team who know exactly how to develop a business’s visibility through carefully constructed adverts, expertly written copy, captivating applications, and innovative social media campaigns, any business owner can be confident that they are giving their brand, product, or service the best possible chance of succeeding and maximising sales.

Digital Marketing Isn’t Just the Future

Whether local or global, small or large, a business thrives only by staying relevant and moving with the times. Digital marketing is the future, but it’s more than that – it’s the present. It’s here now, and being used by your competitors to move customers towards their businesses. In order to stay in the game, you have to play it, and your business can only do that well with a digital marketing campaign at its heart.

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