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Expanding Brand Loyalty with a Mobile App

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If your business isn’t mobile it will fall behind. That’s the simple truth. It is estimated that by 2017 the app marketplace will be worth $70billion per year. Every business big and small has an app of some description. Most of them are unfortunately poor at increasing sales significantly, but when a talented app designer and marketer creates a successful app it can transform a business for the better.

But there’s more to it than simple sales; the reason so many businesses are releasing their own apps is because it builds brand loyalty – returning customers are the bedrock of a successful business model, and that’s just what an app provides.

Brand Loyalty and the Mobile Revolution

With a healthy number of loyal customers who trust your brand and will support it in the future, you have a steady stream of revenue. What’s more, when launching new products or services, your business will instantly receive a boost as those same consumers will come back to try your latest offering. 

In the past brand loyalty was measured through “old” statistics –  the number of return visits to a shop, the success of a reward card system, the breadth of products within a brand bought by one person etc. – but while these statistics can still be used, there is a much more powerful way to, not only measure brand loyalty, but to encourage it. That is, of course, through a mobile application.

Applications are increasingly becoming the main point of contact between existing customers and a brand. In the beginning apps were an afterthought with minimal functionality, but now businesses are realising that their apps can provide consumers with an enjoyable experience, advertising content, and a marketplace through which to buy products and services which can rival any retail unit or desktop website. Applications therefore create brand trust and impact via both their presentation and functionality.

In essence then, a customer’s entire experience of a brand can be formed by the design and efficacy of an associated app. If the experience is a positive one then brand loyalty will increase, if it is not, then it will wither. 

Bringing Mobile Applications Together with Digital Marketing

A mistake which many companies make is to isolate their app development from other aspects of the business. The truth is that only when combining app development with a digital marketing campaign can real progress be made. By ensuring that an app takes into consideration advertising and promotional materials, your brand message, essential demographics, the marketplace, and other key facets of a successful digital marketing campaign; a business can produce an app which engages consumers correctly, promotes brand trust, funnels customers towards purchases, and, most importantly, creates a deep sense of brand loyalty. 

For more information on how to develop a digital marketing campaign and a mobile application which will boost your sales significantly and nurture brand loyalty, please speak with one of our digital marketing experts who will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Website with Digital Marketing

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Your website says more about your product or service than you think. It doesn’t just offer up information about your business or a way to purchase said product/service  – your website conveys an impression of your organisation. Quality, presentation, insight, sales pitch: these factors all combine to create confidence in a customer. A professional website implies that any associated product or service will be handled with similar efficiency and care. Furthermore, the very design of your site and its content should attract new customers to your business through Search Engine Optimisation.

Building a quality website is about more than putting together a web-store, bio, services, and homepage; it is about using digital marketing techniques on top of this to truly engage with your customer-base and increase sales conversion rates in the process. This is best achieved through a trustworthy digital marketing team which has the experience to implement critical advertising strategies across a range of avenues.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 6 ways a digital marketer can improve your website performance:

Function: The first thing a digital marketer will assess is the function of your website. This involves the layout and its purpose. Can visitors find the information they need easily? Is the website design intuitive? Is navigation simple? Most importantly, are potential customers being funneled correctly towards making a purchase? All of these questions will be asked. If your website does not encourage sales growth then it is worthless. A qualified digital marketer will ensure that your website functions with sales in mind.

Form: Once the function of your business website as a sales generator is established, a digital marketer will assess its form. As we mentioned above, a professional website creates confidence in a potential customer that they are engaging with a company that strives for quality. Your website should look appealing while maintaining an effective presentation style to shift visitors towards offered products and/or services.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is a critical component of modern marketing. Through understanding the algorithms used in popular search engines such as Google and Bling, a digital marketer can help create content which improves a website’s search ranking. If a potential customer is then looking for a product or service similar to yours, then your website will appear before others. This can significantly increase sales and give you an edge over your competitors.

Copy: This refers to any text included on your website. Well written copy will persuade visitors to try your product or service, enticing them into becoming a loyal customer. A seasoned digital marketer will know how to cater this copy specifically to your brand which will maximise the impact of your website.


Media: Images, audio content, animations, videos – all of these are important factors in the digital age. A picture can speak a thousand words, and a video more than that! Consumers are increasingly engaging with video and other media when used to market a product or service. A reputable digital marketer will incorporate a wide range of media into your website design to help advertise your products/services more effectively.

Integration: Lastly, a talented marketing team will integrate your website with other forms of advertising such as email and social media. Branding will be shared across mediums, while different sales pitches can be implemented depending on the targeted audience. This integration creates a powerful web of marketing avenues which become more effective than the sum of their parts.

Choose the Right Digital Marketer

As with any industry there are digital marketers with a proven track record, and those who have none. Business is competitive regardless of industry, and so it is important that you choose the right digital marketer for your project. With a team on board that you can trust, your brand, products, and services can truly reach your desired audience, significantly increasing your returns in the process.

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