Content Marketing or SEO: Which is Best for Your Business?

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  • June 11, 2015
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Search Engine Optimization or Content Marketing – which of these two digital marketing strategies should you employ? It’s a big question, and one many ineffective digital marketers will constantly press upon your business. With a reputable digital marketing company representing your interests, however, the correct answer to this question might surprise you. 

Comparing Content Marketing and SEO

SEO and Content Marketing are popular buzz words in the digital marketing industry, but it’s important to understand the distinction:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization does not actually involve optimizing a search engine such as Google or Bing. No, what it refers to are methods which make webpages more visible when internet users search for specific keywords or phrases. Businesses use these techniques to gain a higher search ranking over their competitors so that customers find them first.

Content Marketing: This involves creating content online which is useful and informative, directly relating to a brand or product, and which will engage people to share and interact with such marketing materials.

As you can see, both approaches are designed to attract attention; they just do it in different ways. The question for many businesses, especially when they have a limited budget, is whether to hire an SEO expert or a Content Marketing guru.  Which will be more effective? This question is being unfairly thrust upon business owners when the answer is that both techniques should be employed.

Combining Content Marketing and SEO

There is no doubt that SEO is much more difficult to get right than it used to be. In the past Google, the world’s most popular search engine, had what is known as a “search algorithm” in place. This simply meant that website owners had to identify the keywords their target audiences would use and then just cram them into a website without much thought. This resulted in badly written pages, but it did mean that they would appear high up on search listings. Now, SEO has changed radically. These tactics simply don’t work anymore because Google has changed their search algorithm to favour websites with informative and useful content.  

It would seem then that SEO has seen its day and Content Marketing should rule supreme, but it isn’t quite that simple. SEO still works, just in a more precise way. Keywords are still essential. It’s still important to identify them, but now their use has to be much more strategic. They have to be placed in specific places and at a specific rate so that Google makes pages more visible. It’s a careful balancing act though, if done improperly Google actually penalises websites and will lower their search ranking or even disable it altogether. 

While Content Marketing is increasingly becoming more important, a combination of the two can be incredibly effective. Useful and engaging promotional material is pointless if it can’t be found; likewise cramming keywords everywhere will just annoy your potential and existing customers.

A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Approach

It’s clear then that businesses should combine both SEO and Content Marketing to increase their brand reach and boost sales. For more information on this approach please contact one of our digital marketing experts and we’ll help you significantly increase the search ranking of your website and business.

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