Dealing with Facebook’s 20% Text Rule

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  • March 19, 2015
Facebook Text  Rule

Creating effective marketing content is difficult in a digital environment where every company, local or international, is competing for advertising space. You want your advertising materials to speak to your potential customers, to let them know exactly what it is you offer and why they should purchase your product or service. But how can you effectively achieve this when advertising platforms such as Facebook put constraints on the types of promotional materials you can publish?

The 20% Rule

When using Facebook you are hindered by a text limit. No image you upload can contain more than 20% of text and then qualify to be used as a paid advert. Of course the image can still be uploaded and posted to your Facebook business or community page, but you cannot use Facebook’s paid ad service which instantly boosts the number of people who will see your promotional content. Furthermore, it isn’t about the number of alphanumeric characters used in an image, but instead the surface area covered by the text. It could just be one word, but if the text is large enough to swallow up more than 20% of your image, then Facebook will not all you to use their advertising service. Such a scenario can put you and your business at a substantial disadvantage.

How to Handle the 20% Facebook Rule

This restriction seems harsh, especially for businesses which want to use text-heavy branding. In order to limit the harm done by this rule, there are three approaches which can be taken:

Abandon Text-Heavy Posts: This is the most drastic approach, but a business could cease using promotional materials on Facebook which contain a lot of text. Doing so will open up advertising opportunities once more, but a business may struggle to convey exactly what they want to their target demographics when curtailed in this way.

Persevere: A company could continue using text-heavy promotional images on Facebook. There would still be a chance that such an image could go viral, but it would limit the material because it could not be propelled forward in terms of visibility via the Facebook Ads or Boost Post function. This is a difficult choice to make, and more often than not businesses make the wrong one.

Call in the Professionals: There is a reason that digital marketing is such a competitive area; it is very difficult to master, and only a small number of highly trained individuals genuinely understand how to take a business to the next level through advertising experience. When a business relies on its online promotional materials – and most do – it is critical that the correct digital marketing techniques are applied to any given situation. For this reason, when the stakes are high, it is important to hire a dedicated talented digital marketing team which knows how to use difficulties such as the 20% rule to the advantage of its clients. 

Use the 20% Facebook Text Rule to Your Advantage

By hiring a skilled digital marketer, you can be sure that the correct decisions will be made, and the most effective solutions applied. This will energise your marketing campaign, and maximise the chances that your promotional material will reach its audience and resonate with them in a meaningful way.

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