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  • January 7, 2015
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Email has been around for decades. It is a mode of communication which everyone takes for granted. As a business owner, you should place great importance on that one amazing word – everyone. While some potential customers have Facebook accounts, Twitter profiles, and Youtube channels, they will all have an email account. This one fact, the sheer number of people contactable via email, is something which can be used to exponentially increase sales when explored by a talented digital marketing team.

Why You Need to Use Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons that email advertising should be used alongside other digital marketing approaches. These include:

Coverage: As already stated, email is everywhere. Anyone with an internet connection will have an email account provided by their ISP, or alternatively through services such as Yahoo or Outlook. 

Speed: Email allows for instant contact. As soon as a marketing email is sent to a potential customer, it appears in their inbox ensuring that your advertising message is received promptly. This is especially important when used to promote time dependent materials such as limited discounts.

Reinforcement: By encouraging customers to sign up for a mailing list, you increase your reach when releasing subsequent products. This allows you to contact customers who already have a track record for buying a product or service from you, reinforcing the customer/business relationship.

Targeted Marketing: The Most Important Reason To Use Email Marketing

While coverage, speed, and reinforcement are all advantageous, it is targeted marketing which really makes email advertising shine. Targeted marketing simply means that an email campaign is created and sent to a specific demographic. For example, imagine a clothes brand designed to be popular with the 16 – 24 years age group. Rather than sending emails out to everyone on a list, it is far more efficient to send such content to that demographic. This gets the information needed into the hands of those most likely to respond to it, saving time and increasing the chance of success.

Targeted email marketing doesn’t just refer simply to age. It could be any demographic of your choosing. This could include customers who have shown interest in a specific previous item or area. An email carrying information about a similar product or service could be sent directly to them. This can apply to gender, location, hobbies, purchase history, or any other demographic of which you can think.

All of the above makes email marketing a powerful tool for any business, and this type of bespoke, targeted approach is really what separates successful businesses from those which struggle. A broad marketing plan is important, but with the help of a marketing agency that knows how to implement such campaigns specifically, customised approaches to advertising really can significantly boost a brand or product’s sales incredibly.  

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