Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: What it Means for Your Business

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  • April 23, 2015

Google has just rolled out its latest search update, labelled “mobile-friendly”. At first this might seem like just another update which makes mobile searching more effective. Look at the small print, however, and you’ll see that it will have dire consequences for businesses which do not have a fully implemented mobile marketing strategy.

The Problem with Mobile-Friendly

This update to Google’s search algorithms is designed to help those using mobile devices find more relevant, accurate, and useful websites when browsing. Search results which have been optimised for mobile devices will appear more readily. The good news for users is that they will be presented with websites which don’t demand awkward zooming or tapping to be read easily; emphasis is placed on content which automatically formats to the mobile device’s screen. Browsing on a smartphone or tablet will therefore be more intuitive and enjoyable, and websites will be able to better convey their marketing message to potential customers with ease. 

To most this all sounds great, but the problem is that many businesses are not ready for this change. It could directly affect their visibility and, therefore, sales. The mobile-friendly Google update doesn’t just make browsing on a mobile device easier – it prioritizes websites which are custom built for such technology.

If a business has a website which does not have a mobile-friendly version, meeting all of Google’s stipulations for such a definition, then it will appear lower in the search rankings for associated terms. This could be fatal for many businesses, especially for those which are trying to either establish themselves, expand into new marketplaces, or engage with a previously untapped demographic.

Market research has shown that a staggering 91% of those using Google click links they find on the first page of results. If a business doesn’t show up for related keywords, then it can have a difficult time organically building an audience. The mobile-friendly Google update pushes businesses further down the search rankings if they do not have content which is catered for mobile devices.

Simply put, how are potential customers supposed to know about a business if they can’t find them on Google?

How to win Mobile-Friends and Influence People

The bottom line here is that your business needs mobile-friendly content. Your website must meet Google’s strict guidelines, producing useful and accurate information which can be easily accessed via a tablet or smartphone. 

In 2014 mobile devices overtook desktop and laptop PCs as the preferred choice for using the internet. This change of browsing and shopping habits is what has led to Google’s new update. Only by implementing a robust, dynamic marketing strategy which embraces the mobile revolution, can a businessperson truly hope to reach their goals and experience sustainable, growing revenues.

For more information about bringing your business up to speed with these changes, please contact our digital marketing experts, who are on hand to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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