Increasing Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Marketing

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  • May 28, 2015
customer satisfaction digital marketing

Consumer awareness is at an all time high. This is great for customers but a difficult reality for businesses. Consumers know the value of products and services, they have a predetermined idea of how much something is worth; if a company pushes their products at a price point beyond those preconceptions customers will feel let down. Furthermore, the modern consumer expects good customer service and they value “experience” above all else. Whether the experience of a product or service is defined by a helpful interaction with company representatives or directly with a product itself, this level of expectation and awareness leads to one unavoidable fact – keeping customers satisfied is more difficult.

We should stress more difficult, not in impossible; through expertly crafted digital marketing campaigns these expectations can be met, and even exceeded, resulting in increased brand loyalty and sales-promoting word of mouth.

Why Has Customer Expectation Increased?

The modern consumer interacts with businesses in a new, dynamic, and revolutionary way. Through social media customers have a bigger voice, where they can seriously affect growth which normally would have been generated through trustworthy recommendations. Reviews, whether on blogs or a sales platform such as Amazon or eBay, can crush a product’s chances of market share before it’s barely launched – but they can also propel a product/service onto generating exceptional sales. 

This new found voice has not only allowed consumers to openly discuss their opinions of products but has created a culture of feedback. Customers have been given the power to make or break a company, and this has perpetuated the idea that giving reviews and discussing product experiences online is a positive activity to take part in. And so it’s through this culture of reviewing that customer expectation has significantly increased. Why? Because more weight is placed on reviews than ever before. Consumers expect to read good reviews, but when they do they also expect to have a similar positive experience as the reviewer. If their experience differs then customer satisfaction is greatly diminished leading to bad reviews and lower long term sales.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

How can a business owner use this knowledge to their advantage? The answer is to create digital marketing content which is designed to tap into this culture of expectation and to create a comprehensive feeling of good will towards a product, service, or brand across a consumer niche.

To do this, a business must look at the big three factors of customer satisfaction:

Impression: A potential customer will usually have a pre-conceived notion about a product before he/she buys it. This is usually created through three avenues – word of mouth, advertising, and reviews.

Purchase Experience: The buying of a product, and especially the hiring of a service, affects customer satisfaction immensely. It is affected by sales staff and ease of purchase, such as through a mobile app or website.


After Care: Some products require after care more than others, but it is still a critical part of customer satisfaction. It is defined by product support, documentation, and interactions with company representatives.

All three factors can be improved upon through a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. This will look at how customers interact with a business, how their experiences can be positively changed, how advertising can forge new expectations, and how expectations and customer service can be boosted via streamlined digital interactions with consumers.

For more information on how to increase customer satisfaction through digital marketing, contact our industry leading team of marketers today and let them improve your customers’ experiences of your brand, so that you can generate increased customer loyalty and sales.

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