Which Marketing Apps and Technologies Will Take 2015 by Storm?

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  • December 22, 2014
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Digital marketing is always a fluid and ever-changing force in the world of advertising. In 2015, therefore, there will be a number of key innovations which will continue to alter the way businesses use digital marketing to increase their sales and expand their brands. 

These will include:

Health Apps: Apple, Google, and Samsung are all vying to create products in the health sector. This involves, not just hardware, but software which can use these new technologies as a selling platforms. Many of these apps will not even require brand new hardware, as current generation smartphones already contain some of the required technologies to allow users to keep track of their health and fitness goals. Whether it is a heart-rate monitor, blood pressure sensor, or calorie counter, digital marketers will be increasingly involved in this booming sector throughout 2015.

Wearable Tech: In tandem with the above, new forms of wearable technology will change the way marketers engage with customers forever. Smartwatches and even clothes with digital displays are on their way, and when they arrive it will transform the way personalised advertising is offered. This is a real game-changer and will allow companies to develop new applications and new advertisements specifically for wearable devices. This technology has been in its infancy for a while, but in 2015 there is no doubt that it is ready to truly make the impact it deserves.

Ibeacon: Through using the Bluetooth signals of customer mobile phones, retailers will engage with those in the local vicinity by providing information about nearby products they might be interested in. Unique deals and helpful guides about what to buy are all possibilities for marketers using this new medium. Furthermore, this will open up the possibility of retailer specific apps which respond when in stores. Once installed, retailers will be able to send enticing advertising content to customers even when they are off-site. This could exponentially increase the number of possible customers affected by advertising strategies. 

Entertainment Apps: The number of people using subscriber based streaming apps is increasing. On top of this, there are new applications being developed which allow customers to watch video content without a subscription, with revenues raised through adverts. These adverts are going to be a great way to engage with customers in 2015. Not only will they potentially reach millions of people, but they will be clickable from within mobile devices and desktop PCs, allowing customers to go directly to a product, read more about it, and then even buy it instantly. It is this type of immediate interaction which businesses should be taking advantage of in 2015 and beyond.

These apps and technologies are going to impress themselves on businesses throughout the year and beyond. In order to fully incorporate such innovations into your marketing campaign effectively, it’s imperative that you contact a digital marketing expert who can, not only increase your sales through knowledge of these developments, but also future proof your business for other innovations yet to appear.

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