Twitter’s Buy Now Option: A Game Changer

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  • January 6, 2015
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The Importance of Innovation in eCommerce

Twitter is now rolling out a trial of their “Buy Now” service for eCommerce businesses. Initially, this will only be available to a small number of producers and companies in the US, but it is expected to be swiftly applied on a global scale as soon as the testing phase is complete. Twitter has always been an exciting platform through which information and promotional material can be presented to potential customers, but with this added Buy Now functionality, the social media service is truly merging eCommerce with its existing suite of tools and bringing customers to businesses in the process.

Buy Now Opens Doors to Businesses

Consumers are increasingly becoming reliant upon eCommerce. The reason for this is simplicity and ease. Being able to browse quickly, find a desired product or service, and then have the item delivered quickly and cheaply, is at the heart of internet shopping. It is with this ethos of speed and simplicity which Twitter’s Buy Now service will revolutionise the business to customer relationship via their website and apps. 

The Buy Now service works fairly simply: businesses can attach a “Buy Now” link to a tweet which will ask a customer for payment details and even provide some customisation such as clothes size for example. This will bring a customer straight to a product and will reinvigorate Twitter as a brilliant marketing platform. 

With this service, businesses will be able to significantly increase the impact of their Twitter campaigns, transforming them markedly. In the past each Tweet could only contain a link to another website where purchases could be made, now customers will be able to buy their desired products without leaving Twitter’s ecosystem, making it easier for them. What’s more, through Twitter’s already established mobile applications, such purchases can be made in any situation and from any smartphone or tablet. 

How is Twitter’s Buy Now Service Likely to be Used?

The Buy Now feature will not put an end to other social media sites using eCommerce – far from it, many services are continually looking for new ways to bring the shopping experience to the customer in a more efficient way. What Buy Now will most likely do is offer specific types of marketing the chance to thrive. For example, businesses which offer exclusive deals to their Twitter followers will increase the number of followers they have over time. Customers will want these deals, and once they have clicked the follow button then they will be exposed to any other marketing content a business mentions in any subsequent Twitter campaign.

Twitter’s Buy Now function will work brilliantly with flash deals and limited offers, increasing sales while funnelling potential and existing customers to a desired Twitter account, which in turn will significantly improve brand reach. In order to maximise this approach and future proof a business for when further marketing innovations are implemented, it is essential that they contact a skilled digital marketing team, allowing them to use their expertise to maximise sales and help build brands, products, and entire businesses which can truly flourish.

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