Using Negative feedback to Drive Sales

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  • May 13, 2015
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No matter how successful your brand, products, or services, you will receive some form of negative feedback online. Hopefully such reviews will be in the minority, but nonetheless they will be there. A study carried out by Dimensional Research shows that 86% of consumers are affected by negative reviews when making a purchasing decision. Negative feedback can therefore lower sales at best, and at worst, cause the absolute collapse of a company. The question is, as a business owner, how can you best deal with negative reviews and other forms of feedback? And is it possible to use negative feedback to actually boost your sales? 

The answer to both questions is, thankfully, a resounding “YES!”.

2 Strategies for Using Negative Feedback

While negative reviews can be disheartening, as a business owner the worst thing you can do is curl up in a ball and hope that they’ll go away. You have to be proactive. In order to do this there are two broad approaches you can take:

Dialogue: Negative feedback can take many forms including social media dislikes, damning blog posts, and online reviews. As a business you can enter into conversation with existing and potential customers to listen to grievances. One of the most important aspects of 21rst century business is consumer worth. Customers want to feel their voice matters, by entering into a dialogue with them you can let them know that their opinions matter. This will create positive feeling for your brand and bring people back on side, while providing an avenue for your business to put across its point of view in a way which consumers will respect.

Re-Launch: Negative reviews are a great ingredient for growth. They should be taken as a positive opportunity to learn something about your product/service which you hadn’t known previously – free market research. This can lead to amendments of your products, or perhaps even a re-launch/ new iteration which addresses criticism(s).

Bringing Customers Back on Side

Using either of these approaches, or both in combination, can not only mitigate negative reviews but actually turn around opinion of your brand. In order to do this you must act quickly, engaging with your customer base in a relevant and effective way. As most reviews are spread through social media platforms and other websites, digital marketing is the most powerful way to carry out damage limitation before then getting down to the difficult task of turning negative consumers into advocates of your brand.

Through a comprehensive and strategic digital marketing campaign, you can swiftly intercept negative feedback before it does any lasting damage. Speed and knowledge are key here, and that is why it is best carried out by a digital marketing expert. Even in the worst case scenario, if negative reviews are consistently affecting you business, with the right team on your side you could still turn things around.

To learn more about how to use negative feedback to your advantage, contact the Appache digital marketing team today and we’ll transform your online profile from one littered with poor reviews to being inundated with glowing recommendations. 

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